About Matthew L Moodhe

1439043177_Moodhe 005ARTA member of the Illinois Bar Association, Matthew L. Moodhe has served as a partner at law firm Kovitz Shifrin Nesbit PC for more than two decades. In this capacity, he practices all facets of community association law, including real estate tax reduction, crime prevention systems, and contract reviews for vendors. Matthew L. Moodhe leverages his experience to assist Illinois-based community interest associations such as homeowners and condominium owners. As the firm’s former managing partner and a current executive committee member, he has played a key role in creating strategic development programs to aid firm-wide growth.

Previously, Matthew L. Moodhe held a position as an assistant state’s attorney with the Cook County State’s Attorney Office in Chicago. Throughout his tenure, he litigated more than 30 cases before the Appellate and Supreme courts of Illinois, specializing in misdemeanors and criminal appeals.

Matthew L. Moodhe holds a bachelor of arts in political science from DePauw University and a juris doctorate from DePaul University College of Law. During his studies, he was honored with the American Jurisprudence Award for Corporate Law.


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Moodhe Practices Community Association Law in Illinois

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